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Living Room Furniture
Seating comfort for your living space
Create a romantic seating experience
Go ahead kick your feet up, it's your chair
Tuck an extra bed under your sofa
More comfort to curl up with a good book
The perfect functioning accent piece
Elevated comfort after a hard day
Mix and match your custom furniture
Accent your decor and keep it off the floor
Functional seating that’s convertible
Display showcase for your prized possessions
Dining Room
Unite family and friends around a nice meal
Seating comfort for your dining experience
Serve up entertainment without a kitchen
Store your family heirlooms or serve a great meal
Extra storage for a better organized kitchen
Add presentation flare to your next meal
Home Office
Create better workflow with a well-appointed desk
Keep important documents organized and safe
Display your book collection and family photos
Work more comfortably with a new chair
Help reduce neck strain and cramps with a proper desk
Entertainment Furniture
Proper TV viewing height and component storage
Create an entertaining focal point in your room
Host friends & family in comfort for movie night
Enjoy some friendly competition at your place tonight
Hide your electronics and store more accessories
Toss around some accessorized comfort
Shed some light on the subject
Protect your floor or create a new living space
Personalize your living space thru accessories
Add sitting space and storage with a bench
Bedroom Furniture
Surround your mattress with beauty
Make their sleeping area more special
Makes sure you can find the snooze button
Organize your wardrobe and accessories
Space saving designs for more efficient living
Perfect storage for pillows and blankets
Stay looking your best for your next outing
View & Compare All Mattresses Side By Side
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Higdon Furniture Store in Paducah, Kentucky

The 4-State Area’s Most Exciting Furniture Store!

From the moment you see the outside of our furniture store in Paducah, Kentucky, you know you’re in for a special experience.

Stepping inside, you begin to see the largest selection of unique, quality furniture anywhere in the area – in all price ranges!

You walk further inside, seeing a huge choice of sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners, dressers, hutches and mattresses to complete living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and a host of lamps and accessories to decorate the home of your dreams.

Then, you learn how Higdon Furniture store makes your purchase so easy.